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MacBook Repairs

MacBook Repair Upgrade, Parts, Support, Advice, Help

MacBook LCD Screen Repairs:


MacBook Repairs can replace your MacBook or MacBook Pro Display swiftly if a crack or damage has developed. This service is available seven days a week, every weekend and public holiday. At MacBook Repairs you can expect a professional repair or replacement part service across the full MacBook range of Apple notebooks.

Therefore, if you need a screen replaced on your Apple laptop you need a reliable and fast support option that can do so swiftly and withour fuss providing an efficient resolution. MacBook Repairs are providers of top notch support services for cracked or damaged LCD display on all Apple laptops in general however they concentrate all efforts on Apple’s Intel flagship models, the MacBook and MacBook Pro range or portable computers.

If your problem is hardware or software, even Operating System (Mac OSX) related our technicians have all the tools and experience to resolve hardware component failures, freezing, crashing, software clashes or data corruption and get get your Apple notebook up and running again with the very minimum of fuss and downtime enabling you to enjoy the true benefits of being a Mac owner and Apple laptop user again, a service built on the basics: fast service and efficient repairs.


Our techies are simply experts in their field of Mac Repair and looking forward to offering their unsurpassed advice and technical know-how to Apple MacBook users throughout London.

The price of repairs can be extremely high from certain service providers and repairs centres however here at MacBook Repairs we use genuine Apple Parts direct from UK based suppliers and keep our overheads to a minimum only so we can pass on these savings to you, our treasured clients.

Therefore we suggest you call us in any event and whatever the issue your MacBook and MacBook Pro might be suffering with.

You can be sure of the very best Apple service, down-to-earth Mac tech advice and the chance to experience a swift Repair or Upgrade to your Apple Mac notebook.

Contact us anytime on 07010 039 793.

Alternatively you are able to send a message via our website:


We look forward to serving you and getting your MacBook running smoothly again – So call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and all weekend, every week.

** Apple MacBook Repair, Advice and Support.

** MacBook Pro Repair, Advice and Support.

** Unibody MacBook Repair, Advice and Support.

** Polycarbonate MacBook Repair, Advice and Support.

** White 13 inch MacBook Repair, Advice and Support.

** Black 13 inch MacBook Repair, Advice and Support.

MacBook Repair and Upgrade Services:

  • MacBook Screen Repair
  • MacBook Replacement 13" Display
  • MacBook Hard Disk Repair
  • MacBook Superdrive (CD/DVD) Repair
  • MacBook LCD Display Repair
  • MacBook Trackpad Repair
  • MacBook Keyboard Repair
  • MacBook Shutdown Repair
  • MacBook Startup Repair
  • MacBook Logic Board Repair

MacBook Repair and Upgrade

Simply get in touch today if you need a professional upgrade for your Apple MacBook Pro – we’re experts and offer very affordable prices for RAM and Hard Drive Upgrades and provide a swift upgrade turnaround any day of the week and all weekend. RAM and Hard Disk Drives can be upgraded by MacBook Repair and even performed on Bank Holidays.

MacBook – LCD / LED Display Repair – Replacement Service

Get your MacBook screen replaced if it has failed or become damaged through a drop, knock or spillage. Mac LCD Replacement. We also offer MacBook Liquid Damage Repairs, which are performed by our expert technicians who provide repairs and upgrade seven days a week!

MacBook Hard Disk Drive Upgrade – MacBook Data Recovery

At MacBook Repair you can get help with data transfers and backups at the same time as having your MacBook Hard Drive upgraded, MacBook Repairs also offer an advanced MacBook Data Recovery Service if your hard disk has suddenly failed on your and you are concerned about possible data loss.


  • MacBook Repairs have 21 years experience in supporting Apple Macintosh Computers >>

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